With Lux & Unique each experience is unique…

A unique and personalised luxury experience for each client. Our proposals include the essentials of music, crafts, culture and history. With us, you can enter the kitchen of the best Chefs of Portugal, attend the most fashionable events or even experience an interior transformation in the hands of Wellness specialists. It all depends on your preferences. Each experience will be unique.

Today, let us introduce you to some of our Gastronomy Experiences…

Portuguese people enjoy a good meal. All the yearly celebrations embrace the table and great quality food. Discover all the secrets of this gastronomic culture.

So how does a Masterclass, spending the day with a Chef, learning how to choose the best Portuguese ingredients in local markets and learning how to turn them into a party meal in the kitchen of a top restaurant, sound?

The tradition of wines in Portugal is from times past. The country has the oldest demarcated region and wines which, from north to south, are distinguished by their aromas, but also by terroir and by history.

Visit the vineyards, the wineries, talk to the producers and have lunch with them in unique, historical surroundings with beautiful landscapes as a backdrop.

Would you like to know more about all that you can experience in Portugal? Contact us today and we’ll introduce you to all the wonders of this amazing Country.

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