When will we be able to unlock our “dream-drawer”?

In March, the World went quiet.

Everything slowed down, dreams were locked away in the drawer, everyday tasks were brought down to a minimum, life itself was put on hold. 

We filled our windows with magical rainbows and positive messages, and while the World slowly healed, we sometimes opened our drawer to check if our dreams were still there. 

Sunset in Alentejo, Portugal.

Day after day.

And one day after the other, struggle after struggle, the numbers got better. Day after day the positive messages became positive news and this “day after day” allowed us to arrive here, to today.

Today, the World is healing, lockdowns are gradually being lifted, and we don’t need to keep our drawer with dreams locked up anymore. We just need to adapt.

Portugal has begun to ease its lockdown restrictions allowing restaurants, museums and coffee shops to open at reduced capacity and, for this purpose, National Tourism authority Turismo de Portugal has devised a free hygiene-certification stamp to distinguish “Clean & Safe” tourism enterprises in order to gain visitors’ confidence. 

Some businesses, such as Lux&Unique, are being distinguished “Clean & Safe” after complying with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of Covid-19, for a one year period. The aim here is to boost the sector’s recovery by reassuring visitors that all efforts are being made to ensure they’re protected.

At Lux&Unique we have always taken enormous pride in having the most thought, detailed and thorough tailor-made journey prepared for our Clients. The Client’s safety, comfort and greatest pleasure were always our top priority. With privileged channels and accesses, certified chauffeurs and booked in advance venues, at Lux&Unique you won’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your magnificent stay.

So as borders, hotels, venues, museums and such finally open, and beginning of Fall Portugal will be one of the most desirable countries to visit to unwind from these confined months,  Lux&Unique will be your perfect Travel Partner, guaranteeing that your journey is a safe and enjoyable one. We will make sure our Client’s experience will only focus on what is important: making the most of it, while we take care of everything else.

Let us help you adapt that locked-up dream and make it come true: Visit Portugal in the Fall. 

Lux & Unique ~ Design Travel Experiences