Portugal’s hidden secrets: Gastronomy & Wines.

Now that travelling to Europe is finally a possibility, how about preparing all the perfect details, in total safety, for your next wonderful experience in Portugal?

Portugal is full of well hidden secrets ready to be unveiled. One of them is, without a doubt, it’s rich and delicious gastronomy.

In Portugal, gastronomy is experienced in an intense way, proof of this are the international awards that it has received, of which the 45 Michelin Stars that the country holds are just one example. This recognition does not happen by chance. The ingredients used in the kitchen are of the highest quality: vegetables growing at the right time, fresh fish, meat raised in large pastures. In addition, the Portuguese love a great meal as much as they love sharing and conviviality. There are recipes that have passed for generations for centuries to today.

Some examples? The most dominant features in Portuguese cuisine come from the sea. Having its coast totally surrounded by sea, there’s an amazing tradition all over the country that goes from a simple grilled fish to fresh seafood found in Cataplanasbouillabaisses and any other fish or seafood dishes that make for excellent choices.

But it doesn’t stop at fish, Portuguese meat dishes, such as renowned cozido à portuguesa, is a magical mix of meats, vegetables and various sausages, cooked in an incredible simple and yet delicious way.
Portugal has excellent DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) meats, from north to south, whether it’s beef, pork or kid. Many vegetables and fruit also preserve the taste of the old times, and some also have the DOP label, especially as many are produced organically. At Lux&Unique we know exactly where to take you to experience these incredible dinners.

To top it all off the wine listings, to go with this amazing gastronomy, is equally incredible. Actually, some travellers often are surprised: how can Portugal, a country with some 90.000 km2, be able to gather wines of so many castes and varieties? Our experience with Lux&Unique will lead you through vineyards and wineries (some over 100 years old) to savour the blend of ingredients that concentrate on a bottle of wine. The heirs of these wine estates or their producers will explain how their ancestors did, which techniques they still maintain, and which have evolved. 

Let us take you through this amazing gastronomic experience, always Clean&Safe, without missing any of the wonderful aspects, but in total safety. So, now it’s really up to you: do you prefer fish or meat? Table wine, generous or sparkling?

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