Portugal’s WOW factor, in the Douro River.

One of the main attractions, in beautiful Portugal, comes from its gorgeous history in wine and vineyards. 

The Alentejo region, for instance, is sure to amaze you for the excellence, aroma and color of its wines. It is there, in those vast horizons where the regional Wine Alentejano is born and where you will find its different areas of Denomination of Controlled Origin. 

Another very sought region for wine lovers is, of course, the Douro Region. The first demarcated region in the world, and producer of Port Wine, recognized by UNESCO as a cultural, evolutionary and living landscape. 

And here, located along the banks of the Douro River, Porto will become a hub for all things cultural, gastronomic and retail with the opening of WOW – World of Wine -, a Porto Wine District on July, 31st. 

Photo Credits: WOW – World of Wine

This new 429,050 square feet district within the city, of restored and regenerated wine cellars, has been designed to provide views over Porto and the Douro River without disturbing the existing landscape, taking advantage of its pre-existing historical structures.

After a five year development, and a $117 million of investment, this amazing Porto Wine District – WOW – will be a collection of six museum experiences, nine restaurants, bars and cafes, event spaces, temporary exhibition space, retail outlets and a wine school.

Also, it will offer multi-sensory experiences appealing to a variety of visitors all curated by experts in the fields of wine, history and culture. 

So if the wine lovers and experts of the World already had been dazzled up until now, it seems there’s an extra “WOW factor” in play for a special visit as of July, 31st, and Lux&Unique will make sure you’re part of it.

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