Take us back to the Island…

Madeira is known locally as “The Pearl of the Atlantic”, an authentic garden in the middle of the ocean. 

And everything has its influence, its location and privileged climate. Its mountains, steep valleys and cliffs, offer the passer-by one of the largest cliffs in the world, Cabo Girão. The mild temperatures make the visit possible at any time of the year. For those who want to relax, after an intense trip in Madeira, we advise Porto Santo, a small island renowned for its warm waters, diving sites and extensive beach. 

The Azores, on the other hand, are an archipelago of nine islands, all different and all filled with a natural beauty difficult to match. From the largest of them, 

São Miguel, with its majestic historic center, its furnas, lakes and waterfalls, to the smallest, Corvo, with its beautiful central caldeira. Without forgetting the other “worlds”, Santa Maria, Terceira, Pico, graciosa, Flores, São Jorge and Faial. 

Before the pandemic, during our last trip around the Azores Islands, we moved from one to another incredible Island. On our last day we visited Terceira. The purest nature! Volcanoes, craters, mountains, lakes and the sea. It was absolutely incredible.

In awe, as our journey ended, we vowed we would take our Clients on this amazing journey to experience, first hand, what we have ourselves experienced during those days… 

Today, we are ready to let you experience just that, in the safest way and in the most incredible way possible. Ready to go back to the island?

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