Tibães Monastery

Tibães Monastery ~ a must see, while in Braga

This week we’ve gone up north of Portugal, to the enchanting city of Braga.

During this time we’ve had the privilege of exploring the Mosteiro de Tibães – Tibães Monastery – one of the oldest buildings in the city of Braga (beginning of the XI Century).

The Tibães Monastery functioned as a training center for architects, carvers, gilders, imaginary and sculptors, many of them active players in the construction of buildings erected in the 19th century. XVII, men respected for their extraordinary contribution to Portuguese Art.

Visiting the monastery becomes, for this reason, a journey through the religious but also architectural history of Portugal. The church is an exponent of the Baroque, with works by architects like Manuel Álvares and André Soares – the latter also responsible for works such as the Arco da Porta Nova or the head of the Cathedral of Braga.

After the extinction of religious orders in 1834, the monastery closes and its contents and buildings are sold at public auction. And this process of degradation and ruin lasts for decades.

However, the misfortune he was subjected to ends in 1986, when the Monastery of Tibães is acquired by the Portuguese State, which quickly begins the restoration project.

These events make the Tibães Monastery a genuine work, marked by time, and simultaneously a symbol of hope, due to the recovery that at times seemed lost.

For all this, and because it truly is a feast for the eyes, a visit to the Tibães Monastery, while in Braga is a must and we can help you make your visit a special and safe one.

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