Picture this… Idyllic sceneries, delicious native food, gorgeous wines, and a very controlled covid-free holiday.
This, is Madeira. 

They call it the “Island of eternal Spring”, and once you’ve been there you’ll understand why. Madeira, a volcanic gem 400 miles off the coast of Morocco, holds a remoteness that, not only in these troubled times, but for those who love a hidden retreat, turns out is a great asset.

The island boasts six unique climate zones and many microclimates in around 300 square miles, meaning you can start the day in shorts at the beach, climb to the cloud forest with a wind-protecting jacket, and face stiff winds on the north coast, all in an afternoon.

With its amazing weather year round, its ancient traditions and folklore, together with pampering luxury resorts, Michelin-starred restaurants and its variety of outdoor activities, no wonder this Portuguese Island was recently voted Europe’s Leading Island Destination for the sixth time at the World Travel Awards. 

The famous “Levadas”, small irrigation canals that serve to redirect water from one area to another.

One of the most coveted sightseeing walks in Madeira is, of course, lead to UNESCO-protected “Laurissilva” cloud forest, crowning its volcanic peaks forms just a fraction of the two-thirds of the island preserved for conservation. 

But the “Levadas” are arguably Madeira’s most singular attraction, providing the island with a famous network of paths that have evolved far beyond hiking (the “Levadas” are small irrigation canals that serve to redirect water from one area to another). 

But truthfully, the list of unmissable characteristics and locations, in Funchal and the surrounding countryside, goes on and on. From rich needlework craftsmanship, religious holidays, wine and flower festivals, to bright gardens and sandy beaches, and delicious local cuisine. 

And all of its core beauty and amazing nature, which envolves us throughout our journey, make us understand one very important thing: Although at first glance the island might look tiny on a map, once you visit, Madeira is truly a great, rich and unmissable island.

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