A unique local experience where you will have the opportunity to spend a day with a local clam picker on his daily clam picking tasks. A real-life adventure on a traditional fisherman's wooden boat. The activity takes place in the heart of the natural park of Ria Formosa, a protected lagoon for different species of fauna and flora. Guided by a local experienced skipper/fisherman and a Portuguese water dog you will learn the old ways of clam and raiser clam picking, along with some other curiosities.

At the end you will enjoy a succulent oyster tasting combined with a glass of a local white wine.

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Portugal is a country rich in intense aromas and incredible flavours. Spend the day with a Chef, learn how to choose the best Portuguese ingredients in local markets and learn how to turn them into a party meal in the kitchen of a top restaurant. The chef will share with you some of the secrets of traditional Portuguese cuisine and soon you will enjoy the meal you have prepared, accompanied by the best national wines.

This masterclass lasts approximately 8 hours, depending on the specifics of each experience that Lux & Unique personalizes to the taste of its customers.

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The tradition of wines in Portugal is from times past. The country has the oldest demarcated region and wines which, from north to south, are distinguished by their aromas, but also by terroir and by history. Even today, most of the producers are heirs of very old wine houses and the wines contain the know-how of generations. Visit the vineyards, the wineries, talk to the producers and have lunch with them in unique, historical surroundings with beautiful landscapes as a backdrop.

This visit lasts for one day.

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